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Daniel Herskedal - Call For Winter Ii: Resonance (Blue Vinyl LP) PRE-ORDER

Daniel Herskedal - Call For Winter Ii: Resonance (Blue Vinyl LP) PRE-ORDER

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  • Call for Winter II: Resonance is the new album from Daniel Herskedal and the second album, as part of his solo project Call for Winter. A musician and composer who is meticulously crafting a sound of his own blending Tuba, bass trumpet with classical, world and improvised music, Call for Winter II :Resonance is a profound statement, aptly titled, depicting his expansive vision, ambition as much as the influence of the stark, breathtaking expanse of the Norwegian valley and landscape-an ever-present muse in Herskedal's work. Following the thematic and sonic footsteps of his first "Call for Winter" album, which expanded upon "The Mistral Noir" from his 2015 album "Slow Eastbound Train," Herskedal dives deeper in "Resonance." Here, he layers his signature instruments with even greater emotional gravity and artistic conviction, crafting a soundscape that is both expansive and introspective.

    Much like the first Call for Winter album, Herskedal chose to isolate himself in a remote cabin in the Norwegian mountains, this time near R?ros, close to the Sami reindeer herding areas he visited previously. The approach remained consistent: a solitary retreat to focus on composing and recording. However, this time, Herskedal was more prepared, with one week dedicated solely to recording compared to the three weeks of composing and recording for the first album. He had a clearer vision but still allowed for spontaneous creation, with much of the music being composed and explored during his time in the cabin.

    The album's underlying theme is hope, composed and recorded during tumultuous times. The music reflects the balance of global instability and personal joy, offering a narrative of resilience and optimism. Herskedal's music often carries a cinematic quality, with tracks like "Hope" showcasing a deep melancholy that could easily fit into a soundtrack. His approach to melody and ornamentation has been influenced by collaborations with vocalists and traditional musicians, allowing him to express himself more closely to the human voice.

    "Resonance" stands as a testament to Herskedal's evolving artistry, pushing musical boundaries with a broader palette of sounds and moods. The album's cinematic quality bridges neo-classical and world music, centered around an improvisational flow that highlights the rich, resonant tones of brass. Herskedal's ability to coax a wide array of effects from just the tuba and bass trumpet is nothing short of extraordinary, making "Call for Winter II: Resonance" a profound statement of vision and virtuosity, inviting listeners to experience a deep emotional and atmospheric journey.




    Disc 1

    Side 1

      • 1. Call For Winter II
      • 2. Is The Midnight Sun The Same Sun?
      • 3. Hope
      • 4. White Mountain Sunrise
      • 5. Gæjkedh-vearelde

    Side 2

      • 1. Walking The Clouds
      • 2. The North Star
      • 3. My Child
      • 4. The Tilt Of The Axis
      • 5. Thawing Permafrost
      • 6. Ziir


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